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Dogs Are Even More Like Us Than We Thought

Friday, April 1, 2016

Dogs Are Even More Like Us Than We Thought

The growing research suggests that the canines are more human than we ever thought. Which is no big surprise to the dog owners has they have come across many such behaviors while getting along with the man’s best friend.

What makes them similar to us?

Our canine friend’s characteristics are very similar to ours. We need to be comforted, spend time with the loved ones, have proper food in every interval of time likewise the dogs also need to be fed, taken care of, and spend time with their owner. The human and canine behavioural pattern are similar to a great extent.

The research related to the dogs:

Studies show dogs can communicate suspicion, read facial expressions, watch TV and exhibit feelings. These people like traits are observable in most of the dogs which are believed to be picked up by them during their evolution.

The mirroring of human characteristics could be seen in the canine such as getting along with the humans, paying attention to their owner and tolerating them. Dogs are extremely observant of the interaction their owners have with other people. Studies say dogs ignore people who are mean to their owners. Which supposedly could mean dogs take sides of their owners by ignoring the mean people.

A new study states dogs follow human gazes. Previously it was thought dogs follow human gazes only if the toys or food are involved. To our surprises untrained dogs follow human gazes into blank spaces and often glance back between the human and space they are caught staring at. This double looking or check backs behaviour is only seen in humans before.  This characteristic could not be seen in trained dogs as they are trained to focus on the individual’s face.

Another research suggests that our canine friend might actually understand what we say at least some of the things. We use words like stay, sit, good boy, and good job while we are communicating with the dog. According to the research, dogs might be paying enormous attention to how we say it.

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