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Pedigree Adult Chicken & Veg 15 kg

Pedigree Dog Food
Manufacturer: Pedigree
₹ 2,220.00
  • Pedigree Dog Food has been formulated to give mature dogs all the energy and nourishment they need to its fullest
  • It's packed with vitamins, zinc and Omega 6 to help keep adult dogs looking like best-in-show winners, and has leading levels of antioxidant vitamin E to keep their immune systems young at heart.
  • Plus, our special blend of fiber helps support or promote healthy digestion to keep yard patrol in control, and our oral care kibble helps keep teeth clean.
  • No artificial colours or flavours


How much PEDIGREE does your dog need?
Daily feeding guide
Approx. adult body weight/age of reaching adulthood. Breeds Recommended daily feeding. 
    (In gms)
Small (up to 10 Kg)
7 - 9 months
Miniature Pom  125-160
Pug Tibetan Spaniel 150-200 
Lhasa Apso 160-200
Terriers 160-200
Medium (10 to 25 Kg)
9 - 12 months
Daschund 200-250 
Cross Breeds 225-300  
Spitz (Indian Pom) 250-280
Cocker Spaniel 300-375 
Beagle 325-360 
Large (20 to 50 Kg)
12 – 18 months
Boxer 400-475
Cross Breeds 400-500 
Golden Retriever 425-525
Dalmatian 450-525
Labrador Retriever 450-550 
Doberman 475-550
German Shephard 475-575
Giant (50-100 kg) 
16-24 months
Great Dane 650-750 
Neapolitan Mastiff 580-950
St. Be ard 900-1050 
Mastiff 1000-1150
This table is only a guide. Your dog’s needs may differ from the indicated amount depending on his activity level and body condition. Please ask your vet for help is you're unsure.



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